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If you've ever had naughty fantasies about two female best friends and what they do when they're alone, Best Friends Forever might be turning those fantasies into reality in the form of some awesome porn. The premise is simple: what happens when best friends get aroused in front of each other? Let's find out!
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Well, I'm here to tell you that I have found an amazing site called Best Friends Forever, which showcases some of the best young babes that are always eager for rough sex. You should be warned that each of these girls has their unique fantasy, that will make you craving for more once you first lay your eyes on them. Whether it's a delicious and tender lesbian scene or rough dick sucking marathon, these girls are bound to leave you breathless. Also, studs that get lucky to fuck these young ladies don't hold back on pounding those small frames harder and deeper.


In regards to the content of Best Friends Forever, it's pretty much great, There are around 90 + videos on the site and they are all exclusive and in HD quality. You will be entertained for hours watching these videos and then going through the photosets. Videos can be downloaded in .mp4 format in various dimensions, as for the photos they too can be downloaded as .zip files. All in all content on the site is great, it's the update rate and the lack of bonuses upon signing up that is the issue here. I will cover more about this in the next paragraph below. I should mention that videos are made in very professional quality in terms of the angles from where they have been shot, as well of the lightning!

If you decide to register on BFF's, you will notice that on the signup page there is a lot of ads making the place a bit overcrowded. Sadly, as I've mentioned above there are no bonuses when registering on the site, but you should check the ads, as maybe some of them will offer bonuses on other sites that are being advertised in the sign-up section of BFF's.

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Around the content that is on the site, you will find some very nice interactivity with rates and comments to give, plus there is a standard option to add the videos to your favorites list. The descriptions of the videos are done perfectly and you can get an idea of how the scene will look just by reading couple lines, but there is no model index page and not a lot of the info about the girls. But I should admit that sometimes is not knowing the model makes them even more desirable two watch many times again!


You would think that a site that his type of quality videos, and because it has a slow update rate, would actually offer some bonuses or extras upon signing up. The sad truth is that there is no such thing here. When you sign up for BFF's, the members' area is filled with ads, as I have mentioned before. Making the page a bit too crowded with ads, the best thing you can expect here is that some of those ads maybe offer a discount or bonuses on the other sites that are advertised.


These BFFs really know how to help a girlfriend out! The reverse-gangbangs come wrapped in hot fantasies and starring gorgeous COEDs, and each promises some really hot sucking, fucking and cum swallowing; but the site is small and comes with no extras or bonuses.