Family Strokes Rating 97%

Family Strokes Review
Would you believe me if I told you that your stepsister could easily make you beg for it if she wanted to do so? By "it" I obviously mean sex. Well, it's true. If you have not fantasized about having sex with your stepsister or your stepmother up until now, FamilyStrokes will make sure to fuel those fantasies.
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First off, it should be said that the amazing pornography of FamilyStrokes is indeed highly addictive, and having taboo sex with your stepsisters or stepmothers might become your favorite thing to do after a few movies of FamilyStrokes have made their way inside your brain.


The actresses of Family Strokes are all quite talented, seeing as they can do amazing things with their lovely pussies, and their bodies are just heavenly. They have huge butts and amazing titties, especially the actresses who perform as stepmothers, but the stepsisters tend to be a bit skinnier so that they come off as a bit younger than they really are, Next, it should be mentioned that these girls are not shy when it comes to touching other girls as well, but as soon as a man shows up in the room, they usually start disregarding their female partner they were having sex with up until that moment, and move on to the man so that they could have sex with him also.

Let’s also make it well known that these girls are quite sturdy, so they can take amazing poundings from the studs who were given the opportunity to perform at the FamilyStrokes website. These men are horny as fuck, which is indeed something that isn’t surprising, especially if you take into consideration that you are quite turned on by this kind of thing as well. I mean, if you could swap places with these dudes, would you not do it? I bet that you would, and there’s no doubting that.

The folks at FamilyStrokes might throw in a story here and there to keep the entire thing spicy and entertaining, but these porn plots are traditionally not too long or not too interesting, so they might as well be disregarded. There as this one plot that was kinda funny to me. See, this girl was trying to steal money from her stepfather, but the dude ends up catching her red-handed, and so, according to the laws of porn logic, he did not punish her normally, like any parent would, but rather, he decides that he should have sex with her as a form of punishment. Makes perfect sense, right? Well, it is rough sex after all.

There are 164 movies on the website and rarely does any one of them last shorter than thirty minutes, which is pretty nice. All of them can be downloaded in .mp4 format in a zip file which may also contain HD shots from the movie set. These could make a nice desktop background if you’re that type of person. All of the scenes of these movies have a little 5-minute player filled with the steamiest 300 seconds from the movie, but there are also descriptions right underneath every single one of these scenes. Basically, FamilyStrokes have made it so that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into when you play a movie, so you know you won’t be wasting your time.


Navigating these movies is not a very difficult thing to do, seeing as the design of the page is pretty decent if you ask me. All of these pages have around 20 thumbnails on them, and after clicking one of them, a page will be brought up to you with the desired movie. You may comment on the movies, and you may rate them as well, which is nice.


This is a standalone website, so there are no bonuses, sadly.


All in all, Family Strokes is a neat little website filled with plenty of taboo sex movies that deserve every little bit of attention they get. The amazing content of the website is sure to keep you entertained for ages.