Family Strokes Rating 97%

Reality porn using the subject of step-sex is on offer at Family Strokes. This site is about the close taboo subject of step dad, mom, brother or sister, getting down and dirty with step daughter, kid, mom or dad, in various combinations. Step-siblings or even step-parents, the idea is that someone crosses the line in every film. They are completely exclusive, the site is new, updates are occurring there are downloads and streams and galleries.
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Would you want to do along with your measure? So to ensure that such a forbidden hookup stays secret, a lot of the situations involve just a small trickery or sexual bribery. Among my favorite scenes involves a stepdad who grabs his stepdaughter stealing money. She knows she has been captured red-handed and doesn’t want him to tell her mother. He knows he’s got the upper hand and he slides it right up her skirt.

“You mean like stealing is?” He retorts because he hikes up her skirt to reveal her taut buttcheeks as they peek out on either side of her fuchsia thong. He then lifts up her and she straddles his waist as they kiss. She blows him and then they’ve. He unloads a huge wad all over her face and after that, dripping in his jizz, she asks if she could have the $20 back she stole. He fails because he believes it’s going to turn her into a bad girl.

That is the top view of this Family Strokes porn site even though it isn’t always the brand new daddy burying his cock in that tight wet pussy – stepbro gets lots of action also, from some help jerking off to take advantage of while sleepwalking with a hard dick.


The 138 movies can be downloaded from 1080i HD mp4s (1920×1080; 11 mbits) or streamed online at Web HD. The quality of the movies varies a little bit from you to another. Most are not too impressive. I found some shaky POV camera work in many and most look somewhat rough concerning image quality, even in the 1080i HD resolution.

But when it comes to the porn, there is nothing to whine about.

A cast of playful and sexy porn star girls such as Keisha Grey and Halle Von play curious and horny stepsisters and stepdaughters. They do a excellent job of playing those jobs and bringing the taboo fantasies to life with their acting, not just their fucking.

In terms of sex they do it – sucking cock till they gag, bending over with their face smothered in the comforter as their pussy gets pounded, and smiling and begging while a significant load of cum shoots all over their face and tits.

You’re going to receive images with the upgrades; however, occasionally these have screen captures blended in among them. The sets can be stored in a Zip file download as well.


The difficulty for me with Family Strokes is the fact that it is a standalone site that is still rather small. When you consider the pages you think that you are going to get some extras and a lot more things to check out, but actually there are only the 24 galleries and videos. The rest of your links will be to a built in live chat website where you’ll have to pay to go all of the way, to a Specials place for a number of links to other sign-ups and also to Find A GF, a link that leads to

You will find different adverts on webpages too, a Help button along with a hyperlink to Update. This was offering me full access to Family Strokes for $60.00 a year, even though I had complete access. There is also a pre-check cross sale on the join page to be on the lookout for. As a member though it is possible to rate content and add items to a favourites area, and you are able to leave comments too, so there’s some interactivity.


In time you’re going to receive a good, solid collection of step-sex themed films here as the weekly updates are all remaining on target. However, the website is still small and standalone, without the extras or bonuses, only a lot of adverts to fill out the pages. The content is quite good, the models are sexy, the scenes exclusive and washable.